Aperture is becoming The Matrix

Earlier this week, Apple released Aperture 1.5, an incremental update whose new features make the photography program more flexible and appealing a wider audience. Now, with the release of (count 'em) 7 software updates, Apple's iLife and iWork suites are now fully integrated with Aperture as well.

Weighing in together at over 130 MB, iWeb 1.1.2, iPhoto 6.0.5, iMovie HD 6.0.3, iDVD 6.0.3, GarageBand 3.0.4, Pages 2.0.2, and Keynote 3.0.2, holy frigging crap, now provide direct access to your Aperture library's moist, chewy goodness. We were racking our brains about what GarageBand has do to with pro photography until our buddy Pyondor called and was like "dude, interactive podcasts" so we had to hurt him.

Isn't it, like, super-creepy though? Granted all the iApps are tightly integrated anyway, but they were more like members of one of those little communes where the friendly hippies innocuously hang around doing yoga all day. Now Aperture 1.5 swaggers in with its $299 price tag and its swanky-ass black box and starts bossing 'em all around.

Sure, you could argue that pictures drive Apple's whole user experience. True, a Mac without pictures would be like a Zune without Microsoft's DRM...oh wait...never mind. Still, we feel like we have reason to single Aperture out for the creepy factor. It's not like DVD Studio Pro is cozying up to iWeb or anything. Integration with seven iApps. It's like Apple wants Aperture to take over from Mac OS X and control all of your programs. What's next, Chess?!

Oh yeah, you could choose a photo from your library to use as a background on the chess board! That'd be nifty.

Uh oh.....


At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one update that's not actually available at the time of posting is...Aperture 1.5 itself !

At 10:59 AM, Anonymous sTeve T said...

I'd love to have Aperture. Now all I need is a new Mac to run it on....

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous tjolly said...

I'm a professional photographer who relies on Aperture for my workflow and client communication. Integration into the iLife apps lets me use my photos in ways I couldn't when Aperture was so isolated. Being able to sync to my iPod is really powerful. I don't do much in the way of podcasting via GarageBand, but maybe business needs will drive me that way soon. But in the past I had to export versions to iPhoto so I could use iMovie and iDVD, which just helps fill hard drive space and take up my time.

So for me, this integration is very very welcome.

At 2:32 PM, Blogger AtAT2 said...

Whoa! Phil Schiller just posted a comment on our site! Awesome!!!

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And ... in the iTunes update there's code for coordinating your portable phone with Aperture!

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Apple only announced the release of Aperture 1.5, indicating that the actual release of the program itself would happen later this week. Going to be very late as they have been releasing updates to everything else, iLife, Pro Apps, and Mac OS X, before releasing Aperture.

At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Pyondor said...

Shout out!

At 10:27 PM, Anonymous zahadum said...

actually, it is integration with ipod that should be the boss! (follow the bouncing ball from the digital hub - and however iTv is supposed to fit in).

yes, it is already possible to re-set a user acount (and the project files asscoaited with iLife) to be run (as opposed to _sync'd_) from an ipod ... the details are here: http://playlistmag.com/features/2005/03/homeipod/index.php

but there is a new virtualization platform for the ipod coming along that is way more slick ... http://www.mojopac.com/ ... which seems to have serious VC money behind it (ie it is considered more than just a utility for repointing the mountpoint of a portable volume as per above) - mac version on the way apparently.

making the ipod in to an /active/ compoent in media management (not just the passive one it is now) is just the kind of value-added opportunity that apple is lettign pass by (as per usual!) ...

others features which the ipod desparately needs include:

* a built-in mic (plus pass-thru jack for higher qualitty); for meetings & for LANGUAGE-LEARNING (and possibly offline voice reco)

* the same high-grade 'alex' voice for TTS as found in leopard;

* bluetooth -- not just for audio profile, but also for 'digital pen' input (and also BT support for keyboard for note-taking)

* JAVA (SE for mini-apps) and JAV3D for games ... good prepartion for the iPhone!

* extend DRM to include adobe e-books

* braile-reader

* 3+ megapixel camera

* hybrid/combo flash + drive for optimal battery life (by buffering favorites etc)

* autonomous control (p2p) for capture from other devices -- eg cameras & sacneers (a cinch for firewire, which apple has unceremoniously abandoned)

* RDI (the data stream adjoined to FM) for streaming info (news, stocks, sports --- and geobased stuff like one-way streams for PARKING, TRAFFIC, WEATHER)


.... all of these could have been added to the ipod platform over the last few years - for a premium $500 model that would have had these killer apps for niche marksts (each of which is worth 1-2M units PA).

but even something simple -- like syncing all the other media files from iLife (not even a full-fledged home directory ... cf the hybrid Flash mode for thermal stress reasons) or for emregency boot mode) -- is been beyond apple deigning to add value.

this resting on its laurels is so typical of apple!



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