Apple Fixes Non-Problem

Remember when that dude at that nerd conference said he used his m4d l337 sk1llz to hack into a MacBook over AirPort? There was a big banana over an apparent security hole in Apple's AirPort software and plenty of FUD to go around...until it turned out to be fake. The guy had actually used a non-Apple device driver with the h4x0red MacBook. In other words, he unlocked his Ferrari and put the keys in the ignition before stealing it.

Not one to be detained by problems with AirPort security, Apple has released an update to unlocked-door-and-ignition-key-proof their software. Security Update 2006-005 fixes every possible damn problem left for those bored hackers to think of. According to MacCentral, Apple conducted an internal audit--whoa! Scientology alert!--and found two potential vulnerabilities in the AirPort software. Something to do with stacks overflowing; we got a craving for pancakes and stopped paying attention. All this, and yet "no known exploits exist for the issues addressed in this update." It's like changing your Ferrari's oil after changing...oh never mind.

Still, we feel fortunate that Apple is going the extra mile to make their computers as bored-nerd-resistant as possible. Suppose there's a vulnerability in Photo Booth that lets someone input malicious code by putting meticulously crafted bunny ears behind your head. Don't worry, Apple's already on it.


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