Apple: "I Just Wish It Came In Green"

Apple unveiled an impressive redesign of their web site today coinciding with their latest pro-environmental push. Stung by criticism from environmental groups over allegations of toxic and pollutive manufacturing processes, Apple has taken the bold initiative of completely overhauling their environmental policies. While Apple had previously advertised a "holistic approach to the environment," including the digitizing of numerous posters of Mount Rainier to save paper, (archive of old site explaining this here,) their latest efforts take this initiative much further.

The campaign centers around the slogan "I Just Wish It Came In Green," promoting their newest environmentally friendly initiatives while whimsically poking fun at the dearth of green-colored Apple products. Apple's new web site is even simpler than before and pays homage to the tireless workers who manufacture the bulk of Apple's hardware products. Clever new sections discuss Apple reducing "iWaste" and promoting an "iPush" for further environmental initiatives. Apple has even jovially tweaked its iconic logo with a green Granny Smith skin.

Navigating the new web site, it becomes apparent that Apple has launched a bold campaign indeed, as they appear to have quietly suspended the sales of the newly-released 2G iPod Nano and Shuffle in favor of their 1G counterparts. Rumors have it that the 2G models aluminum casings required a more toxic manufacturing process and so manufacturing has been put on hold until the process can be refined. It is unclear why the same fate seems to have been suffered by the MacBook Pro as well, however, nor what ramifications this may have on the Apple-Intel transition.

Hold on, this is completely ridiculous. Dropping the new iPods AND MacBook Pro just because of Greenpeace?! Wait...ohhhhhhh...


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