AtAT2 Weekend Special: Beezer Goes To Hollywood

While rumors of an iTunes Movie Store are hotter than an Arnold Schwarzenegger...uh, nevermind..., opened up a can of whoop-Malus on Thursday with their own movie store. Dubbed Amazon Unbox, a subtle diss to those Franzia drinkers over at Barnes & Noble, The Beezer's company's latest offering promises online movies for $7.99 to $14.99, plus $3.99 "rentals."

Videos come in two formats together, "DVD quality" and "portable digital player compatible," which will be a big hit for us iPod owners. Oh. Wait. No it won't. From the Unbox FAQ:

"Unfortunately, our Amazon Unbox video downloads are not compatible with Apple / MacIntosh hardware and computer systems."

So all y'all Zen Vision owners, yup, all 10 of you, ROCK ON! Meanwhile, in realityland, it remains to be seen if Amazon Unbox and the Windows Media voodoo it's based on will catch on. Oh, and nice caps on the Intosh part, btw.

Meanwhile, in a tube-shaped bunker under the east wing at 1 Infinite Loop, Apple grunts are fine-tuning their own offering before It's Showtime on September 12th. Of course, we don't know for sure, but rumor has it there may be nothing but Disney movies at first. We say so what? The timing couldn't be better! You know, with the Disney-Pixar merger and all?

Lastly, unlike Amazon Unhinged, oops, sorry, putting...Apple...talking...points...down, unlike Amazon Unbox, iTunes movies will surely be iPod compatible. Whether watching Pearl Harbor on a 2.5" screen with a two-hour battery will prove enjoyable or not remains to be seen.


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