It's Showtime - Predictions

We want to be serious, just for a moment, and offer our predictions for the Stevenoucements on September 12:

New Video iPod: Weren't these delayed until next year? Oh yeah, right, we have proof of them coming. Yup.

Merom-based MacBook Pros: Weren't these delayed until next year? Still, they're the oldest products in Apple's line-up, at, er, 4 months.

iTunes Movie Store: Isn't it only going to have Disney movies? Hopefully it won't get delayed, we're dying to rock that download of Lion King 1-1/2.

Apple Cell Phone: Whaaa? Where'd that come from? Apple needs to make a crackberry, not a Chocolate-killer.

Well, gee whiz. If everything else is delayed, what the heck is His Steveness to do? iLife '07 sneak preview? Gag us with a spork.

No, this can mean only one thing. Serious booming voice: The Newton is coming back, and it will be for movies what the iPod was for songs.

Wow, punditry is fun! Join us next week when we predict Apple buying Ford. Dvorak, your time is up!


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