Mac Pro gets Tha Chillz

First the MacBook Pro got an SMC update for running too hot. Then the MacBook got an SMC update for mooing. Now the Mac Pro gets one to "adjust fan behavior." This was a surprise. We hadn't read about any heat-related or bovinity-related issues on the Mac Pro.

The SMC, short for Sucka MC, is the chip that controls power and fan management in the computer. Previous SMC updates have changed the thresholds and speed curves for the computers' fans.

Having used a Mac Pro briefly ourselves, we were stunned by how quiet it was. If anything, it was the hard drive that seemed to be making most of the noise. Maybe the SMC update makes the fans pulse in inverse to the read-write cycles of the hard drives to cancel noise. That'd be super awesome! Seriously, like, totally badass.

Or, maybe the Mac Pro was mooing at a high frequency, pissing off Tim Cook's hounds and causing pain in Phil Schiller's old wrestling injury. Whatever the reason, we think these updates are getting a little out of hand. Maybe Apple should get back to making fanless computers again. They sold pretty well last time, right?


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