Pirate of the Year: J Allard

Avast! In commem-arr-ation of thar Talk Like A Pirate Day, we've circled arr wenches and cast a-starboard arr grog to take arr Pirate of the Year awarrd seriously. At thar last minute, a new playarr has emarrged. Behold, thar winnar of my boo-ty, J Allard of Microsoft:

Here's what he said in arr rival ship Engadget:
"And so we'll do H.264 playback as well, because there's a lot of content out on the web for video iPods. Lots of DVD ripping software out there that encodes to those formats, so the most popular formats out there, whether it's MPEG-4 or H.264, we'll support those."
A Microsoft VP that encarrages arr piracy trade certainly deserves an awarrd! Congratulations, Allarrrrrd!


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