Set your Macs to f1.5

So Photokina has come and gone (actually at this writing it technically hasn't started yet) and with it came Aperture 1.5. Apparently the One-Button Pro Camera was delayed at the last minute.

Aperture's latest version has plenty of new nerdy features and improvements--these are listed here--but more importantly, it now works on new Macs with integrated graphics, e.g. the MacBook and Mac mini. Previously, Aperture would not install at all on these systems, (version 1.0 would also call your mom a ho in the process; this was removed amid the shake-up preceding version 1.1.) We expect adoption of the program to significantly increase now that it can actually run on more than half of Apple's product line.

This move will allow Aperture to compete more effectively with Adobe's Lightroom, which has always worked on all Intel Macs as well as many G4s and G5s, but is still in beta development. Not to be outdone, Adobe today released a fourth beta of Lightroom and rechristened it Photoshop Lightroom, which sounds a lot like a Red Hot Chili Peppers album.

Anyway, we're not really digital photography enthusiasts here. The bulk of our digital photography in the past month has been in Photo Booth, trying to make Vanilla Ice self-portraits. Still, from our untrained eyes, it's looking like Aperture finally has the cojones to whupp some mad budonkadonk, as any Apple product should.


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