Video iPod: Let The Fakery Begin!

In writing about the world's foremost Fortune 500 drama queen, there are but three things that can be counted on, class-action lawsuits, embarrassing nerds, and fake news.

This falls squizzarely into the last category, courtesy of TUAW, whose accusations of fakery we have to strongly disagree with:

This is obviously a real photograph. See the funky border around the image? That's from the print of the picture cuz the guy was so freakin' hard-core he used a disposable camera. And never mind the fuzzy stripe on the left edge of the iMac, the Front Row interface on the iPod that falls off the screen, the apparent inclusion of a DVD player in a deck-of-cards-sized device, and absolutely piss-poor punctuation, this picture is flippin' real man. Never mind the so-called "gaussian blur" and "Photoshop CS Tags" that some TUAW readers claim to be there.

For smearing a hard-working spy photographer--and for callously sleeping with C.A.R.S. behind our back--we're forced to put TUAW on our Enemies List. TUAW, you can redeem yourself by linking to us on your front page, like all the Home Slices have done.

No, we have no shame. Stop asking.


At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And.... Apple would never put their logo right on the edge of the banner like that.


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