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Since this past Thursday, we've been trolling the Mac nerd web trying to find interesting stories to get silly over and make fun of. There hasn't been much to pique our interest, at least not on a, like, MacBook Pros catching newborn kittens on fire kind of scale, but we found these three stories which have just enough of a taste of tha sillz.

T-Mobile *Hearts* Apple
According to a report from ABC News, (thanks MacRumors,) T-Mobile CEO Robert Dotson (doesn't he write for Parade?) had nothing but praise for Apple at a recent press conference. Dotson was eager to talk about their "aligned" visions and his appreciation for Leopard. This clearly means T-Mobile got shut out of the iPhone program and wants to brown-nose its way in on the action. Or, it means Dotson has a huge crush on Steve and will stop at nothing, not even seducing Schiller, to get to his man.

The Knack Sues Apple, Sharona Pissed
According to a report from eWeek, (thanks TUAW,) The Knack, that band from the late '70s that did the song that Janet Reno liked to dance to, is suing everyone and their mom, including Apple, for distributing the song "It's Tricky" by Run-DMC. The song samples The Knack's "My Sharona" and despite Campbell v. Acuff-Rose flying in the face of their suit's rationale, The Knack are intent on making pirate booty purveyors Apple, Amazon, Yahoo, Real, Napster, and of course Run-DMC pay for the sampling of their song 20 years ago. Time to buy some Knack stock!

5th Birthday approaching, iPod confronts its mortality
iPod's big 5th birthday is coming up on the 23rd, and already it's running its fingers through its thinning earbuds. Why it seems like just yesterday we were putting up posters in our dorm with a picture of a goofy woman from the '50s with an Apple logo on her apron and the caption "iMom: 1000 favors in your pocket." Aww shucks, now we're feeling old. Anyway, the article is here, (thanks Slashdot.)


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