Happy Birthday iPod!

Yayyy! It's iPod's 5th birthday! That's like 21 in computer-years, man. We remember back in the day when the cheapest way you could get your iPod on was $399. Listening to New Order and The KGB while playing Breakout, word. The hair's getting soooo thin.

Now the most expensive iPod is $349 and they're hotter than a Tennessee steer in a heatwave at the Playboy Mansion. Sorry, Dan Rather, we tried.

And sorry about our un-postingness. We've gotten held up in our actual day jobs and come home ready to plop down with the remote and a bottle of Febreeze, with no energy left to post. Y'all are welcome to leave silly stuff in the comments for other readers to enjoy. Do our work for us. We'll send you an e-fruitbasket. Thanks!


At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, are you on the one post per week schedule now? Or are you just dead?


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