It's your BFF, the town drunk!

Ok, so Gilmore Girls AND the Veronica Mars premiere were on tonight, so we're a little behind. (Curiously, both shows contained direct references to Battlestar Galactica. Whaaa?) Then again, I think the big highlight of the news today was the announcement that there will be a Stevenote at MWSF '07. Yeah. Slow day. We could go on about DVDJon cashing in on his FairPlay sp1o!tz. Yawn. Or something about a security hole in OS X. Blegh. Or we could add to the Zune-sucks-no-it-doesn't-yes-it-does-but-what-about-wi-fi-it's-stupid-your-mom-was-stupid spam that filled up MacSurfer today.

Hrmm. At this rate, tomorrow we'll have to make something up.


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